According to Médiamétrie (French content and audience insights specialist), which published its annual assessment of internet use in France in early 2020, six out of ten French people connect daily to social networks and online messaging applications, which represent one third of time spent on the internet. Worldwide, there were 3.2 billion users of social networks in 2019 according to Emarsys. Many of whom have changed their social media consumption: 54% use social networks to search for products. And these networks have a strong impact: 54% rely on influencers' recommendations of what to buy (source Global WebIndex 2019). According to Forbes, 71% of customers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media would recommend the brand to their relatives. The business effects of social media are therefore becoming more tangible, and the investments by companies are increasingly substantial to ensure strong presence. The recruitment of experts capable of carrying out these strategic projects is now crucial for brands. After a notable wave of professionalization of social media skills a few years ago, the market has stabilized but remains very competitive, especially for the most senior profiles capable of building a global vision. Check out the salaries of key social media positions in 2021!